If you are a martial arts tournament director still trying to manage your tournament manually, you may want to consider recruiting the help of EZ-Events Tournament Management.  We will streamline and automate many of the time consuming procedures required to run a successful event. Getting some sleep the night before the big event is an added bonus!

EZ-Events provides helpful tools to assist in checkin, weighin, bracketing, credentialing and much more!

Avoid the aggravation, send us an email to inquire about our services.

Welcome to EZ-Events

EZ-Events tournament management has been running the Jimmy Kim Invitational (JKI) since 2006.  We have learned from our experiences every year and we are now ready to share our knowledge and expertise with you!  We know that an easy, efficient and reliable system makes the biggest difference when it comes to a successful tournament.

We can handle everything from simple online registration, bracketing to custom tournament management solutions.

Email us to inquire about what we can do for you!


EZ-Events can provide the following services:

  1. Online Registration and Payment Processing Portal Linking for athletes, coaches, and any other paid registrations
  2. Online Registration for non-paid participants such as referees, masters, volunteers, etc.
  3. Credential Generation
  4. Weighin Interface with time stamp
  5. Checkin Interface to verify information, membership, payments, etc.
  6. PDF Brackets to post after weighin
  7. EZ to read Bracketing for the rings
  8. Certificate Generation
  9. And much more!


Fantastic CUTA Event!

EZ-Events assisted in CUTA’s 2018 California State Taekwondo Championships! One of the best run events that we have been to! Lots of positive feedback from athletes and parents who attended.


Email us to inquire about our services and how we can help take some of the burden off of your shoulders. info@ez-events.com